Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sun Tzu --The Art of War--

The Art of War is an ancient text of Chinese origin, and is perhaps more well-known that it is well-read.

Sun Tzu's book details his and his family's accumulated knowledge on fighting battles and winning wars. Sun Tzu came from a family of military advisors, and so was well-placed to do this.

The words of wisdom in this book are set forth in a few short sentences. For the non-native speaker, the key to reading The Art of War is to find an agreeable translation. Most bookshops will have several editions on their shelves, and each can be looked at in turn. Find a translator whose approach suits your own reading needs.

The Art of War is a book to be considered as well as read. Approaching it as any other book, to simply be read page after page and then put aside is a way to reduce the experience this book provides. Read slowly, write down your own thoughts. The Art of War demands your participation, your interaction.

For best results, have several people you know read this, and come together to discuss it. Regardless of the original purpose of The Art of War, this book speaks to people on many different levels. Don't expect to experience this book alone.

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