Friday, November 2, 2007

Spook Country by William Gibson

In the shadows of the present, the future already exists. It takes a great science fiction writer like Gibson to show us this. Gibson takes a look at the world, wraps it up, and services it back to us in this neat package, shining his light on what no one else can see.

In an early twenty-first century riven by conflicts no one really understands, what is a classic spy to do? What is any child of the Cold War to do, finding themselves finally and firmly, in the future the never saw coming?

Spook Country comes with a gripping story of spies and counter-spies, and also contains those great touches, those glances at the world of now, that are Gibson's trade mark. Gibson takes us on the journey through the future, but it's the future of today that we see.

They give awards for the best guide for taking you up a lonely goat hill in the middle of nowhere, so why not have an award for best guide to the present day?

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